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~ Friday, October 17 ~







if you keep talking about Lenormand cards like this i’m gonna buy some

actually it’s too late, i’m already interested, it’s going to happen someday. the question is HOW SOON. whispers at u

I got this one:

Since it came with a book

That I promptly didn’t read

I should have learned by now honestly

The cards are pretty though. I just need to start using them for realsies. But I’m an intuitive tarot reader and learning a new system is woooooork…

It’s hard if you’re intuitive and use tarot pictures a lot to switch to lenormand since the picture really isn’t as important as the standardized base meanings

But for reading combinations you definitely need a bit of knowledge and a bit of intuition because you need to pick one meaning to make a story from a bunch of potentials!

Ooh, they both look nice! I have added them to my wishlist. I like the one da-at-ass recommended so I’ll probably get that one, but first I need to see how much money I end up spending at the ren faire tomorrow :P

…My birthday is in like a month so I can always ask someone else to get it, too.

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Lenormand Keyword Chart.

Augh I have needed this.

I’m sure everyone who reads lenormand knows this but I would like to point out different schools disagree on meanings for such cards as the anchor, fox and lily!

In my deck the fox is contract or day job work, the anchor is long term engagements, and my lily is “love until death” since I use the whip as a sexual card |D

And when you get the fox and stork together, it can mean motherhood with a bite!



Omfg but can you get started on bizarre combinations because I will read that all day. o_o




Man / ring / snake right at first glance I would say sure okay this bro is involved with some shit with the other woman. So tbh it could go either way either he’s marrying an older woman who is shady or he’s somehow involved, I would say based on the ring that SHE is probably the married one, so the affair or whatever is on her side even though this reading is probably for him based on his card


Ring / man / snake

Now he is probably the married one or the one with some type of obligation because we know the ring is not always marriage but CONTracts like he made have a business agreement or whatever and this snake person is showing up with fuck it up, or a married man is being tempted by whoever the snake person is because the snake is not always a lady. IN BOTH CASES I WOULD NEED MORE CARDS FOR CONTEXT BUT THAT IS LIKE JUST ONE INTERP AT THE TOP OF MY MIND FOR TWO COMBOS

Fucking amazing I love lenormand


"Will my health improve"

Tree / coffin / fish wow sure the coffin might alarm you but your reading was for your health improving so the tree coffin here implies your struggles are coming to an end followed by by a rapid increase due to the fish

"Will my cancer resolve"

Tree / fish / coffin well this isn’t so good. This seems like your cancer cells increase eventually to the point where it’s possible the person will succumb, in fact lenormand seems to say this. But this is only just three cards

You might say but dusken fish is a good card and coffin can be read to the positive

But our client asked about their cancer, not their health

hEAVy lenormand breathing


Cross / heart / ring like holy shit this is a karmic bond or a destined marriage or a soulmate situation

Heart/cross/ring oh. Oh this love is really a drain or a struggle to these people but they’re almost married to their pain and it’s going to be drawn out like carrying the cross

if you keep talking about Lenormand cards like this i’m gonna buy some

actually it’s too late, i’m already interested, it’s going to happen someday. the question is HOW SOON.

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~ Tuesday, October 14 ~

Late Medieval / Early Modern Fairies.





They aren’t what you think they are.

They’re a motley blend of classical spirits (nymphs, dryads, Sibyls, etc), a few deities (Venus of the Venusberg), and then associated elementals (gnomes, dwarves, etc), not to mention spirits found in folklore.

They were worked with on the popular level - cunning-folk making pacts with fairies for their Art - and in Elite manuscripts (the Sloane manuscripts, Folger VB26), and even a grimoire or two (the Verum has the Sibyls, as I posted yesterday).

People regularly reconciled their folk beliefs with their religious ones, or simply didn’t care about orthodox interpretations, and worked anyway. Even Agrippa discusses fairies.

It’s only modern practitioners that noob up the subject matter.

And it totally pisses me off. Instead of actually making sure they know shit, people quote two or three grimoires and imagine they have the sum total of materials at their disposal and know everything.

They’re wrong.

There’s a lot of fairy materials. And it takes a very, very long time to pin it all down.

 Can you name some titles for me that I could potentially easily download via PDF?

I’d love to look at some. I’ve had one or two run ins with the fae growing up at my parent’s house (which is very countrified and surrounded by farms). I’ve always been interested in them even if they aren’t necessarily important to me/a focal point in my practice.

Yeah. I can even privately link you a couple PDFs. That’ll take a sec.

Since I’ve been ruthlessly citing this shit for a while, I’ll pimp my entries, though:

So, one major Grimoire is the Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet, edited by David Rankine and published Avalonia. It contains rituals from Reginald Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft (I’ve already posted the Three Fairy Sisters and the Fairy Sibyllia / Experiment of the Dead rites today), Folger VB26(1), and a few that I’m uncertain of. In Well Met By Daylight I tracked down the sigils of Oberon’s Lieutenants (Scorax, Carmelyon, Caberyon, Seberyon) and restored them to Gauntlet’s transcription. Oberon also appears in the Sloane Manuscripts (published and edited by Rankine via Avalonia again under the title The Book of Treasure Spirits). In A Feast for Dead Kings, I adapted the fairy meal to Thiasos of the Starry Bull Orphic festivals, and posted transcribed instructions for the meal.

Additionally, I posted the Sigils of the Seven Fairy Sisters found in Gauntlet’s grimoire (“To Have Conference with Fairies”), and outlined where they tie in with the Sloane materials (again, see Rankine’s work[s]). I should note that there a quite a few shorter fairy rites, which I have not transcribed yet, and which appear prior to the Pact with the Seven Fairy Sisters and Queen Delfornia (“Inferiors and servants to the Empress and Princess of all fairies, Sibyls, and all amiable creatures delighting in the company of human people, Lady Delforia" - Gauntlet, P. 292).

In Peterson’s Verum translation, Cerberus (who is also, according to Wayer, Neiberos) appears as a Gnome, and I directly quote relevent sections of the Treasure Magic rite in Mournful Cries (at the end). Yesterday, I posted the rite in which the Sibyls are called on - in the Verum - to foretell the future.

Also, forthcoming, is Rankine’s The Book of Oberon, which will apparently be awesome, and probably have a lot of the above.

Finally, Teresa Burns’ paper on the Sibylline and fairy rites is fucking awesome.

In terms of fairies and Cunning Magic - already touched on via Gauntlet (who was a cunning-man) - both Emma Wilby (Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits) and Owen Davies (Popular Magic) discuss the trials where the issue came up.

thank youuuu

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~ Saturday, October 11 ~

that feel when your tarot cards know exactly what’s up and throw like 6 different cards at you for “delays, stagnation, disappointment, frustration, confusion” in one reading with varying additions of “past issues” and “issues ahead.”

and then advise you to seek counsel (when you just recently decided to go back to therapy and have your second appointment in two days).

but they are also indicating the delays & co. are from things outside of my control/bigger than me. which is both comforting (“it’s not my fault then”) and upsetting (“but so i have no power to change it”).

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~ Tuesday, October 7 ~




All right guys — today is super simple.

You know that “friend” of yours who isn’t a friend at all? The one that treats you horribly and puts you down almost daily, but for whatever reason you put up with it? Possibly because you’re lonely and don’t have a lot of friends to begin with and who cares if they treat you and other people you know like crap, at least you’re still “friends” with them? And then after you break apart, even though they claim not to want anything to do with you, they continue to treat your mutual friends like crap because they don’t even want to be friends with people who are also your friends?

That, my lovelies, is what I call a tissue-paper friendship. See-through, paper-thin, never smooth, noisy, and usually in your way on the search of looking for something better.

Guess what? We’re about to get rid of it, with a sharp kick in the ass to boot.


What you’ll need:

  • tissue paper
  • lighter
  • cayenne or chili pepper
  • oil of choice (I used BPAL’s CHAOTIC)
  • pearls
  • glass bottle w/ stopper
  • candle
  • black ribbon

1. Draw a likeness of said person on the tissue paper.

Preferably in black marker. Doesn’t have to be super accurate (intention, intention, intention). Rip off the piece with the picture.

Alternately, you can also use a photo of them.

2. Write a message to them or something that represents your feelings towards them.

I just jotted down some suspiciously relevant song lyrics. Rip these off, too.

3. Ball them up, and tie the drawing or photo with black thread.

You’re balling them up to help keep the burning process contained later. The black thread represents the dead thread/bond between the two of you.

4. Get a flame-safe dish to burn your tissue paper until there are no more glowing embers.

I personally suggest doing this outside, some place protected from the wind. Make sure you have something that you can cover the dish with (to deny the flaming tissue paper oxygen) to help extinguish the flame if it starts getting out-of-hand.

5. Mix cayenne/chili pepper with the ash.

Represents your anger. Gives the spell some spice.

6. Add a drop of oil to the mixture.

Your choice for what you want this to be. It’ll essentially flavor the spell, trying to dictate its overall feel. It can differ for if you just want them gone, if you want them to suffer, etc. I used BPAL’s CHAOTIC because I’m a cruel, angry bitch like that.

7. Put the mixture into the glass bottle and add pearls.

In my situation, the person has not only refused to leave me life completely, but they are also making life miserable for other people I know. I am NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

It is old jewelry lore never to give pearls as a present, as they are said to represent tears. (If they are given as a present, the recipient should hand them a small sum of money in order to make the gift part of a transaction instead.)

I put at least as many pearls as the years I’d known the person (which was 8), and then I threw in 4 more for good measure — 12 years of bad juju.

8. Give it a good shake and seal it with wax and ribbon.

I would use black candle wax, but alas, I have none. So I used white. I did, however, have a black ribbon for the finishing touch.

You can do pretty much anything you want with it then. I suggest keeping it with you so you maintain control over it (plus I am traveling), but if you have a patch of dirt that you can be sure will not be dug up, it’s probably best to bury it like a normal witch bottle.


*** WARNING: Try not to scatter too many ashes in your home, and thoroughly wash all your equipment ASAP. Those ashes are what is left of your relationship with that person, so you don’t want that lying around where you live and sleep! ***


Good luck and happy witching!
~ Wands ~

I like that this is so open to personalization. I am thinking of doing it for a person I haven’t spoken to in like, 3 years, because I’m still dealing with what our friendship did to my brain. But I would replace the oils and herbs with banishing & purifying ones for my situation. Like sage oil and black pepper instead of CHAOTIC oil and red pepper. Very nice, very nice.

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~ Friday, October 3 ~

burntumbra said: Good morning! I've sent you payment for a 5 card Lenormand reading. I'm going through a hard time and I'm wondering how I can go about talking to my Mom about it/how she is involved in my troubles, if at all, due to communication problems and complicated history. I'm afraid of how she will react. You can post publically if you like. Thank you so much! Hope you're having a good day :)


For you I drew th Mice, The Whip, The Birds The Lady and the Fox. The Birds represent talking. This is the heart of the matter, communication. To the left, there are mice and the whip. This indicates that whatever yuo have to say to your mother may cause a stressful argument. To the right we have the Lady and The fox. The keyword for the fox is Liar. This represents a woman in your life who is crafty, dishonest and cunning.

I’m sorry, friend, I don’t think the conversation will go well. The conversation may lead to a fight.

Thanks for your purchase. If you have any questions about your reading, please feel free to message me.

XOXO -Seidon Ostara

Ahh, thank you so much for getting to this so quickly! I really appreciate it :). Reblogging to my Pagan blog instead of the main one bc my mom knows about that one.

This is exactly what I thought would happen and why I haven’t brought it up yet. This reading is pretty much 100% accurate to the situation and matches up with some other, related readings. I’ve been getting the 7 of Swords a lot recently which is similar in meaning to the interpretation of the Fox & the Lady here.

However, everything I’ve heard has also told me to communicate even though it will be stressful (and Mercury is about to retrograde its ass through my sign starting tomorrow). Sigh. 

If you guys are looking for readings, theunicornlenormand does a fantastic job!

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~ Thursday, October 2 ~


Just as a head’s up, I’m going to likely be purchasing a new camera some time next week.

As such, if you still want to throw your name into the raffle for a free piece of jewelry - and it would be very appreciated, as I am still $40 short of my goal, so anything you can give will lessen the financial impact of this purchase - feel free to do so here!

Thank you all again, so much!

Yay goal reached now! Always glad to see someone get the help they need.

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~ Wednesday, October 1 ~

Anonymous said: how does non-reconstructionist hellenic stuff work? all the info i can find is on reconstructionist stuff.




I actually don’t know anyone else who doesn’t just identify it as eclectic that does non-reconstructionist work. But what I do, is mostly, rather than re-create the traditional means of worship in a modern setting, I simply make modern means of worship. I can’t spend a week throwing parties and going to sporting and theater events for the Great Dionysia. I don’t even try to recontruct that. Instead I throw a party, with the full intention of everyone being able to stay the night, and I serve food that I feel is appropriate, I pull out games, we tell stories, dance, and enjoy life.

I appreciate the history and everything in re-constructionist work. It’s amazing, the level of work people put into learning and practicing as closely as possible to the original ways. I just take my knowledge of the Gods, and create my own ways of worshiping them in a modern world and a modern way. The means of celebration and worship aren’t even necessarily related, other than there are elements that still honor that Deity. 

I’m sort of the same! I have an interest in reconstructionist rituals, but I’m also just starting out and currently living in a college dorm, so it would be impractical for me to try to be reconstructionist. I am happy with my own practice as of now.

I think that’s the important part, being happy with your practice and making it fit your life style :)

thebacchichuntress once described herself as a revivalist rather than a reconstructionist when I asked her this question, with the same sort of answer—looking at the history and recon stuff but modernizing it :)

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~ Tuesday, September 23 ~






Rahdue’s Wheel, a 78-card spread.

I’ll be doing this for myself come New Year’s Eve (if I don’t go to a party I was invited to).  Wish me luck!

this is a huge spread so it’ll have to wait for a bit for me but daaaaaaang yo


I second that face, still haven’t gotten around to it.

Well. Since I’m feeling like shit today and I have no readings to do, I suppose I’ll be trying this one on my bedroom floor.







Rahdue’s Wheel, a 78-card spread.

I’ll be doing this for myself come New Year’s Eve (if I don’t go to a party I was invited to).  Wish me luck!

this is a huge spread so it’ll have to wait for a bit for me but daaaaaaang yo


I second that face, still haven’t gotten around to it.

Well. Since I’m feeling like shit today and I have no readings to do, I suppose I’ll be trying this one on my bedroom floor.

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~ Sunday, September 21 ~


THE RESPLENDENT ONE. [Staedtler ink pens, copic markers, Sharpie - 18 hours]

Golden Sun, Resplendent One
You are my Lantern, my Guide
my Light through hard times

I beg You, please
forever be my Compass in Life —
the expanse is deep & dark
until Your morning gaze
leaves its lasting mark

Finally finished! 18 hours of straight devotional work, and I’m incredibly pleased with the results. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the next difficult week, despite recent hard times. I know Ami-sama is watching over me, and that makes all the difference.

amaaaaazing ~

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